Jubilee celebrations in Brokenborough

The Brokenborough community was on fine form over the Queen’s Jubilee weekend, with celebrations on both Thursday the 2nd and Sunday the 5th of June. 

There were close on 50 people who joined in on both days, with huge thanks to the Jubilee Committee of Catherine, Charles, Fi, Jane, John, Jo and Katie for bringing our community together to celebrate 70 years reign of Her Majesty the Queen. 

Thursday evening centred on the Brokenborough Beacon, with thanks to Anne & Rowley for the loan of the field opposite the Church and Robin, for the enormous bonfire.  

On Sunday afternoon there was a picnic in the Church grounds, with highlights including Charles’s generous donation of superb bangers in a bun that were expertly barbecued, the union jack tattoo artistry, Jubilee cake and the children’s colouring competition that was won by Jaz and expertly judged by Anna. 

Donations were also received from those attending, with £130 raised, and these will be shared between the DEC for Ukraine and the Friends of Brokenborough Church for the upkeep of the Church grounds. 

Thank you to all who attended and supported the two events in celebration of the Queen’s Jubilee weekend.