Brokenborough Asset Register

DescriptionAcquiredCostReplacement CostLife
Telephone Box2009£1£100050 years
Notice Board2010£1000£100015 years
The Horse Guards Community Value2020NilNil2025
The PoundPre 1940Nil
Defibrillator 2019£1600£160010 years
Website2021£500£50010 years
Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Bench2022£660£66040 years

The Telephone box

The old red Telephone kiosk (Box) was bought by the Council from BT under their “adoption” scheme on the 29 January 2009 for £1 in order to preserve the traditional visual landmark in the village and it was decided by the Councillors to use it as an information point e.g. for the supply of walking maps, but not as a library. With the closure and possible sale of the Horseguards pub the Council have decided, subject to cost and logistics, to move the Defibrillator (see next item) to be sited in the Box. The adoption scheme still exists at June 2021 but the sale price of such boxes range from £250-£5000 depending on condition.

The Defibrillator

The Defibrillator currently located at the Horseguards (by kind permission of the owners) was bought by the Council for £1620 from the Community Heartbeat Trust and installed in September 2019. Malmesbury League of Friends kindly donated £1500 towards the cost which at June 2021 remains approximately the same.

The Horseguards Public House

Brokenborough Parish Council has registered with effect from 2 December 2020 the Horseguards pub as an Asset of Community Value (Ref 2020/0009) with Wiltshire Council to further the social well-being and interests of the local community by seeking to keep it as a pub/restaurant. There is currently no plan to run it as a community pub. The Parish Council is keeping the matter under review. The “Asset” has no direct monetary value that can be presently defined. The current listing will expire on second December 2025.


The website project was greatly assisted by Mike Fraser. He helped the Councillors choose the most appropriate supplier and helped with the detailed layout using similar schemes as templates. He also facilitated the loading of the many documents. Many thanks Mike!

John Bartholomew