Elizabeth Hodges Trust

The Brokenborough Parish Council acts as Trustee for part of the Wiltshire Fund of this Charity to provide educational support to people living or studying in Brokenbrough. The target is young people in secondary or tertiary education or apprenticeships who are in need of financial assistance for educational projects. This can include the cost of trips or equipment or books and other resources. The income received by the Council is £45 per year but funds are not always distributed (depending on applications) This allows for useful contributions to be made. For example, payment has been made (of £150) towards a foreign rugby tour and towards a musical instrument. Applications are not means tested. The pupil or student should apply by letter to the Chairman of the Parish Council giving full details and reasons for the request which will then be considered by the Council.

The trust fund was set up by Mrs Hodges, a Vicar’s wife of Shipton Moyne by her Will of 23rd of May 1723. She died in 1724. Originally this part of the fund was paid in the sum of £2 per year to a schoolmistress of this Parish, latterly the Dame School held until the 1930’s in the hall of the (Old) Post Office so that three children could be taught to read. The applicable ages were then 6 to 10 years.

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